Backward This Read
.out way your
find you help God
.help for call your
hear ever will
nobody and, ever for earth the
inside remain will
you because, path a
marked you hope I
.you find ever will Nobody
.earth the inside
down way trapped be will and
again entrance the find
ever never will You
.cave the of out way your
find you help can who
one no is there, alone are you
since and again entrance
the find to able be never
will you, path the marking
without cave the into
further any venture you If
.many are there because, by pass you as tunnels the
of walls the mark
to paint some and
forward walk you as
way your illuminate to
you with something
brought you hope I
.entered you where
to back way your find will
you so indication an with
path the marked you hope I
.steps your retrace to have You
.lost get will you because, cave the into further any go
can’t you when know must You

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