Benthic Lowlands

Under the seen and known
as the familiar loses its identity,
when the sea was called the sea,
where the mood of the waters emote,
as they dance with the wind and tides
upon the surface of activity,
they fade into oblivion
while the way to the bottom
becomes mysterious and enigmatic.
The corridor to the benthos
becomes a fragile terror.
The lithesome seaweed becomes
a green visceral leading
to the bowels of the sea,
and the fishes with colossal tails
upturn the tides;
then a confrontation
with the dead ships,
the sinister voices of the macabre
singing barcaroles to the dead,
and graveyards in view
adorned with roses,
then the feeling of the benthos
stabbing the soles of the feet.
Another life founded
with a different name?
A breath coming from the breathless?
A new chapter in the look of life?
Another earth below the earth we know?
As the journey comes to an end.

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