As the day rises up for the dawning,
With all the well rested flowers yawning,
And the mantles yielding to the light,
Brother Sun comes back from overnight.
As caring brothers do, he lends a hand.
His work looms ahead as the day began.
He helps the grass rise up from the soil,
With all his might as good brothers toil.
As he hides under the blushing skies out west,
His day is done and he did his very best.
He worked the day thru’; then he goes to bed,
Tired from his labor to rest his weary head.
Brother Sun, for all you’ve done;
Mother Earth rejoices;
You’re number one.

As featured in "The Belt and Beyond" magazine

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Nelson D Reyes
plus de 2 ans

Sister Moon tucks in Mother Earth’s creatures to sweet dreams and are all smiles to greet Brother Sun dawning.

Like. Thanks Robert.

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Nelson D Reyes

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