Cave Man Equipment

No cave man can do without these:
1– a strong piece of wood for a handle to make a club,
2– a big rock to tie to it for the hunt,
3– an AK 47 assault rifle in case he  misses the target,
4– an open area to send smoke signals,
5– an animal hide to fan the smoke,
6– an Apple iPhone SE 2/smart phone in case someone didn’t get the message,
7– a hammer stone to carve a tree branch to make a spear to go to war,
8– a  flint arrowhead to attach to the end with a sharp point for a weapon,
9– an M20A1B1 Super Bazooka in case the enemy didn’t go down,
10– an open area outside the cave to roast a pig,
11– a cylindrical pole supported by rocks to hang over the fire to do the roasting,
12– if it takes too long to cook, a 30" stainless steel dual fuel electric range,
13– strong legs for the running to other villages to hear the news,
14– or an ox to pull the cart to ride upon,
15– or a new Sharp Aquos LC-30HV2U state of the art T.V. set to get the news faster.
16– If none of the above items serve the purpose, nothing will.
Good luck, cave man.

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