Made of guts, brawn, steel, granite, rocks
Pulling canons up angry mountains, jagged cliffs
Boulders shifting under his heavy feet
Shouting war cries that echo through the valleys
Blazing trails with trees that he snapped off
Wild grizzlies shrinking back to their caves
Opposition is a delicate word encased in glass
A feeble cry from petrified lambs in his way
Quiet waters in the path of angry hurricanes
A soft interlude interrupted by raging tympanis
A virgin romanced by rapacious savages with horns
A lonesome gazelle in the eyes of a hungry lion
Nothing up against a million multiplied somethings
 Up to the summit, the mountain that he owns
In the face of another warrior, another champion
Charging up the other side, the one that “he” owns
Clashing steel, spears, knives, swords, battle axes
Reaching down thru’ burning skin and a leather soul
To arsenals and resources of everything he’s got
Pulling guts out of guts, strength out of strength
Pounding drums out of pounding drums
Tornados out of tornados
Everything out of everything
One force up against another
No room for two in one spot
Two mountains of
The same mountain
Two champions in
The same space
At the same time
Hail to the champion!
The one who took
That one space
And called it his own

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Robert L. Martin
alrededor de 4 años

Thank you, Parker

Parker Jennings
alrededor de 4 años

Alas, where there exists champions, there exists something to be conquered over. Thus the violent opposites of the second stanza become natural forces of the world. To be expected, and abided by. Or conquered, as the champion is oft to do.
Well done

Robert L. Martin
más de 4 años

Thank you Duce

más de 4 años

; his home
Also known as the throne
===I really like the line
"Nothing up against a million multiplied somethings"
I think that's brilliantly said!Great piece, my man.-Duce

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