Killers with kind eyes
and heroic hearts,
Pasteurian aspirations,
gallant dreams and
steadfast patience,
pharmaceutic prowess
and humanitarian souls
with an eye on the future
and the other on the present
and the third digging up the past
from clinical trials and errors,
sensing the sickness in his lungs,
one foot in the house of death
and the other knocking at the door
with the preservation of humanity
on his nervous mind,
our hero of the ages,
preserver of the future,
father of the world,
the man with the stench
of death in his nostrils
and the aroma of heaven
in his pure heart.

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Robert L. Martin
20 days

Thanx Nelson. Happy New Year to you.

Nelson D Reyes
21 days

The third eye our sixth sense - the gut feeling always comes forward when the stakes are high and the team needed a conversion at fourth down across the goal line few seconds remaining.

Where we are last day of 2020.

Loved it. Great metaphors. Thanks Robert. We’ll get that TD and looking to meeting again Christmas New Year Season of Joy.

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