Culture, that place in the mind,
Where beauty and excellence abode,
Where God lifts us up to find and see,
Where we find peace in the lifting,
The peace that we didn’t know we had,
Where it speaks to us through our heart,
Where its voice is noble and dignified,
Where it points to the dignity in us
And leads us to it,
Where our esteem rises to be with it,
Where we become equal to the spirit,
Where that other culture
Becomes our culture,
Where we breathe the same air,
Where it gives us inspiration
And tells us that excellence
Is also obtainable through us,
Even though we didn’t know it.
If we can’t reach it,
At least we can identify with it
And know what it is
And what it did to us.
We have finally found ourselves,
And what we were created to be.
We lifted ourselves up
And found that culture
And the pursuit of culture
Is in us, too.

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