Devil Riders
As the storm approaches from the north
Devil riders atop race to get into position
Their angry black heads pile up in the skies
Once a peaceful pastel against a baby blue
Now a thick black swirling mass taking over
With devils screaming at the top of their lungs
Bombarding the earth with heavy artillery
Reaching into their well stocked arsenals  
Cursing and throwing everything down at us
Hell rises up from its habitat down below
Heaven is sent downward to take its place
The apocalypse it seems to be ahead of time
As devil riders get their wish to ride in glory
They race across the skies and shout
Victory comrades! The earth is ours at last!
But Mother Nature, as transitory as she is
Waits until all hell gets tired to rescue us
She’s our heroine, our blessed lady from above
She is as beautiful as the color of heaven
As she smiles against the pale blue sky again
Hell had its fling, but now it is over
Now as the sunset begins to
Move upon us
And devil riders atone
For their transgressions
They shed their armour and
Dress up in vestal robes
As they ride miles across
The deep crimson skies
Chanting postludes to wrap up the
Daily devotional rites
Oh beauty, thou art my home
Oh beauty, for thee I roam

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