Time to dress up for the gala of summer’s,
Heralding in the new with life and drummers,
Every ear heedful to Mother Nature’s commands,
Finds everything scurrying up to meet her demands.
The grasses peaking up through the barren ground,
The greening of the trees in the forests all around,
The songs of the Nightingale so soothing to the ear,
All of nature coming out, the same as every year.
Dress codes meet the requirements as seasons roll,
As our lady of the highest order echoes the bell toll.
As nature dresses up for summer’s celebration,
It knows what’s in style to get an invitation.
Mother Nature of whose dress codes came to be,
Follow the strictest laws from heaven’s decree,
To represent the seasons with the color of life.

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Robert L. Martin
más de 1 año

I'll never get tired of seeing the itsybitsyteenieweenieyellowpolkadotbikinis. I'll be looking at them from my deathbed.

Nelson D Reyes
más de 1 año

Something tells me I want to see again the itsybitsyteenieweenieyellowpolkadotbikinis on the boardwalk!
I want to be reminded of how they look! Ah! Summertime!
Love this one and the greening of the all! Thanks Robert.

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Nelson D Reyes

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