Elegy for an Innocent

Little girl caught up
in the war machine
is this little child of innocence,
of love embodied,
the word of God made corporeal,
Human Nature at its dawning
when her world was “the” world,
love exercised by all,
also by madmen who
exercise their power,
her mistaken confidants
who were her models of trust,
her fathers of virtue,
and her guests at her tea parties
with her dolls.
Little did she know that
these madmen would kill her
with their insatiable desire
to conquer the world,
to kill everyone who
stood in their way.
Little girl, the world didn’t turn out
the way you thought it was.
Rest in peace my child.
What happened to you
has been happening to children
all over the war since the
beginning of time.
Finally the world you are going to
now is the world that you
thought that this one was.

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