Changing times and changing attitudes
Once a fair maiden at home in the castle
With sentries posted at every door
Hidden beneath the wings of a man
A slave to his every thought and deed
A humble servant who stands behind him
Riding in comfort wherever he goes
Alienated from wars that rage outside
A tender sapling bowing before the wind
A precious diamond encased in heavy vaults
A beauty on display to only one man
A teacher of goodness toward all things
With an eye in the depths of her heart
A prophet who can see the unseen
A beacon in the mist showing the way for
The power of love to come through her
She is no longer a humble servant
As she put down her sewing needle
And picked up a sword
Raised it above her heard
And charged into the heat of the battle
Shouting like all men do
Riding like all men do
Fighting like all men do
Conquering like all men do
With the spirit of Joan of Arc
Riding beside of her
What will she be when all
The conquering is done?
Will she still be the humble servant
Standing behind her man?
Or will her man pick up
The sewing needle?
Or will the both of them fight together?
Work together? Love together?
Be equal together?

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Robert L. Martin
over 5 years

Thank you Charlotte

Charlotte B. Williams
over 5 years

Very nice Robert.

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