“Behold, ‘Tis beauty before me eyes.
I saw her rising with the dawn,
Mounting her steed on a fiery cloud,
Racing across the sky at noontide,
Casting shadows in the mountains,
Dancing on the horizon at twilight,
And sinking behind the veil of night.
With her splendor
Reaching into my heart,
She took me up into her domain
Where I saw her in her full glory
As she stood smiling down at me,
Pumping the blood through my veins,
Whispering softly to my spirit,
Sinking down into
Every crevice in my being,
And flooding my heart with rapture.
As I locked up her image
In my cerebral treasure chest,
I could see her in my heart
And recognize her henceforth
When she stood before me.
An ode to beauty
And to what it does to me,
An ode to the discerning
Eyes of my heart.”

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Nelson D Reyes
más de 1 año

The sun our star at all times with us ever there at twilight and twilight through dusk and dawn.

Lovely. Thanks Robert.

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Nelson D Reyes

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