Flight of the Words

Travelers from quixotic skies
riding on the wings of inspiration,
words from earnest requests
that lie deep in the sub-conscious,
brought to the surface through meditation,
up and through the deeper fields
where the sky kisses the Universe,
words flaunting their beauty in the air,
riding in diamond studded coaches
driven by coachmen attired in white tuxedos,
tearing from the force of the wind
and the passion of the words,
a journey of beauty, sadness, pride,
elegance, luxury, luster, love,
compassion, sacred truths,
thoughts from the sub-conscious
that spiral upward toward the heavens,
that mingle with the language
of the sacred order
that anoints them with angel dust,
secrets stored in universal vaults,
the wisdom of the ancient clouds,
the birth of the sun and moon.
Oh sweet mystery of the truth revealed,
the traveling words that are summoned,
their profundity that shakes up the skies,
that shriek from the breath of the violets,
that sail with the hallowed winds,
that manufacture tears and intensity,
that hatch from the human soul
and rise up to the top of the sky
and back down into the human mind,
a pilgrimage of noble intent,
a thought resurrected and
presented for approval
before the God,
’tis the flight of the roving words.

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