Friend & Foe

Friend & foe up so high,
in a home of grace and cruelty,
ochre sun of beauty and warmth,
angel with horns and fiery halos,
daughter of Satan and soul of God,
before the light of the world up to
and after the burning of the earth,
living in the complacent days between,
inching across the firmament
leading bands of restless journeymen,
looking down upon dry woodlands,
parched kindling, open fuses,
empty river beds, heated grounds,
swooning over the dryness,
and too an angel with teary eyes,
a sun with a bleeding heart
living in a spectral cathedral
where divinity took root
and spread its wings,
preaching to the vibrant meadows,
drifting in a sky born sea,
up and over fragile gardens
and too the sun worshipers who
climb out of their cold hovels
to receive the blessings of the sun,
the sun, the mother of
the mercy seekers,
the beauty of the divine,
the giver of life, a sacred heroine,
the minister of the infirmed,
the wings of the earthbound,
oh sun, oh life, oh God embodied.


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