That One Moment

That one fleeting moment after being struck by someone else doesn’t allow reasoning enough time to settle in and become influential.  Retaliation is that blind instinct that takes over that vacated spot where reasoning belongs.  Instinct is not a learned reaction, but an inherited one.  Since it is inherited, it is a natural one that can’t be controlled by any reasoning. It is what it is.

Only someone who has an overwhelming influence of love and peace in his system can refrain from a retaliatory feeling, which takes over that one moment.  In that case, love has done away with instinct, which has become totally peaceful and God-like.

Since humanity is a long way from being God-like, reasoning is the main force that must bring about a peaceful resolution, if that is the desired intent.  It depends upon how much of that ill-feeling came about from that initial aggressive behavior.  Reasoning can either lead to forgiveness or retaliation.

Retaliation is the reason that we can never have world peace.  It is how instinct has been acted upon in that un-god-like manner.  Humanity is too ill-at-ease to bring about any kind of peaceful resolution.  Human nature is aggressive, and that aggression will continue to be retaliated.

It is that one moment after being struck that determines how the situation will be handled.  All we can do is pray that it will be in a God-like manner.

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