Geniuses & Laborers

Chosen from lands unseen,
from distant skies,
geniuses and laborers,
selected to fulfill a part
of life’s furthest dream,
to fulfill their duties,
to follow their callings from
ancient secrets revealed
in sacred whisperings
within the hallowed walls,
along holy thoroughfares,
couriers of the blessed
toting ancient scrolls,
designated talents assigned,
made easy to understand,
to fit into one’s desires
and made clear
in the humble mind,
a recognition and response,
a love and passion for that duty,
to finish it with honor
and an urge to do more,
and work for the love of it.
Geniuses find the ways
to make us strong
and laborers supply
the ingredients
to keep us strong.
In praise of all who have
toiled through the hours
and jeopardized their lives
to keep us
strong and healthy.

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