Her Sweet Tooth

Her Sweet Tooth
Oh to end her days in a sea of chocolate
Choking on a caramel as she descends
What better way is there to drown?
Than with the taste of chocolate on her lips
Yummy, yum, yum her final words
As a happy death takes her down
Creamy pies scattered all about
One for breakfast, two for lunch
Three for supper, and four for dessert
Ooey, gooey sweetness all day long
“Phooey on fruits and vegetables
And all that’s healthy
Ya gotta eat what tastes good to you.”
No sense in getting up out of bed
Her chocolates are on her night table
Too fat to get up anyway
Mind as well lie down today and eat
Mind as well eat until she dies
Mind as well go out on a full stomach
Mind as well die in a sea of chocolate

Préféré par...
Cory Garcia CHER' JEAN
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