Futuristic sound looks back to before,
to the history of melody and rhythm,
when birds called to their mates
and the rain fell upon the tin roof
that sheltered the hovels
and offered relief from the storm.
Could it be a meditation
on the tap, tap, tapping
that inspired man to emulate it?
The deciphering of the rhythms?
Mother Nature’s primal symphony?
The embracing of the sound?
Surrendering to its domineering ways?
Making an art form out of annoyance?
Letting it inspire him to
think of new rhythms,
to give them life?
To find something to play them on?
Calling it a rhythmic evolution
in reverence to what it did to him?
It’s tapping that drove him to dance?
When he listened to the birds,
did he hear every pitch and rhythm?
Did he sensitize himself
enough to embrace the sound?
Did he imagine that he was a bird?
Did he bring the sound into his heart?
Did it please him?
Did he try to mimic the sound?
Did he imagine what they were singing?
Did he put himself into the music?
Did he invent more melodies from it?
Did he hear them building upon each other?
Did he call it a melodic evolution?
Did he feel himself being a part
Of the history of the music?

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Nelson D Reyes
about 1 year

Yes I agree like other art forms music is still evolving and will continue to adapt as we experience more “annoyances” happening perhaps pushing all the way back to primordial bird love calls as you said or to cicada’s fleeting celebration of life mating song embracing death looking to celebrating a brief life again as it emerges from earth once more.The sweet music of life continues one note at a time.

Thanks Robert. Beautiful. Like.

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