I Wish I Were

I Wish I Were
Of future prepared
By knowledge gained
By trust of what is needed
If need holds true
Then what I learned
Will keep me right on course
Since music caters to
Those callous souls where
Melody and harmony
Can’t climb inside
Needs become something else
As knowledge digresses
Where volume is the
Voice of knowledge
And sensitivity is the
Voice of the oppressed
I wish I were a drummer
Then what I learned I could apply
Where rudiments are necessary
Where syncopation is progressive
Where volume is a basic essential
Where power pushes the rhythm ahead
Where leadership is a constant state of mind
Where dexterity makes the music free
Where rudiments are ingrained in my spirit
Where rhythm is a beautiful poem
To climb into and luxuriate in its glory
As it climbs inside and takes over me
And where a touch of madness
Makes it fun
If I were a drummer I would
Take all my essentials and
Kick the band out into outer space
With what my knowledge made me into.
It would be the most smokin’ band
This side of Kingdom Come
I wish I were a drummer

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