In a Fish Bowl

In a Fish Bowl
Swimming around in a fish bowl
To and fro with the greatest of ease
Oblivious to onlookers on the outside
Cool and collected, too simple to care
Life in a fish bowl for the superstar
Those who rose to fame on the gridiron
Living in a fish bowl is hard to do
When onlookers can see every secret
When they are meant to be hidden away
They dig them up and malign every move
Every good intent is a premeditated evil
Every little slip is an epic upheaval
The good ole’ days when life was kind
When super heroes were just like fishes
They walked around and nobody cared
Secrets only revealed to those intended
Oh to be famous is a common dream
Oh to be publicly scrutinized is
An unexpected nightmare
Success comes with many stipulations
Is it worth giving up privacy for fame?

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