Inappropriate Touching

Tilly was feeling rather glum at the office one day. She felt lonely and wished that someone would desire her. She had her eye on Sam who was about the same age and single. One day, before she went over to the Xerox machine to make some copies, she sprayed some perfume on her neck. As she passed by his desk, he breathed in her scent. A few minutes later, he looked around for something to make a copy of, strolled over to where she was standing, gave her a smile, and patted her on the behind.
She pretended to be nonchalant, but felt so excited at his touch. Finally someone at the office thought of her as a sexual object. She was so happy. From that moment on, she looked forward to going to work. When she would pass by him, she would return his compliment and pat his behind. That became their daily ritual at the office, which ultimately turned into a romance.

Fun, fun, fun, with a great big smile,
Down at the office all the while,
A little touching to brighten up the day,
A celebration for the merry month of May.
If a pat on the tush is all it will take,
Why not reciprocate and take the bait?
Sam and Tilly are now a happy couple.
What’s so inappropriate about that?

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