What I am is what I am,
What is hidden in my soul,
What was there and always there,
How my denials were rejected,
Why non-believers come to believe,
What overpowered me
And how I reacted,
What was there and what I did,
What took me in and how I felt,
What put a smile in my heart,
For every charitable deed I did,
How charity remains a mystery,
What strangeness spoke to me,
What it said and what it does.
Where it came from is a truth,
Where truth is the word of God,
Where it overpowers all doubt,
How it created the conscience,
How it enforces the conscience,
How it lives up to its intentions,
Where it praises all good deeds,
Why it never goes away,
How it got its name,
The Holy Spirit,
How its influence spreads
Through the body now,
Without any help from me.

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Robert L. Martin
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I found that even non-believers even feel good inside when they act through charity, what I call the Holy Spirit within.

Nelson D Reyes
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True. The Holy Spirit is within us. Basically we communicate out of the goodness from within ourselves. We express ourselves truthfully. And we are reciprocated in kind. This I still believe. But sadly many had forgotten to be “basic”. Became “complex” instead. There in lies the “unholy spirit “, the untruth.

Like. Thanks Robert.

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Nelson D Reyes

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