Look at my beautiful sky so incandescent  
Peer into my chaotic home in the sky
My passion moving from top to bottom
Exceeding the outer limits of velocity
My dancing to the rites of Thor
Spitting fire to the earth bellow
From black clouds to fragile forests
Out of quiet moods into frantic rants
Bragging about the beauty of the Macabre
As heaven weeps and angels fall
My copious clapping at a fever pitch
That over exceeds volcanoes in their rising
Beautiful rhythm taking me on a journey
My beloved song riding on my wings
Singing hymns to my beautiful darkness
Announcing my supremacy over the skies
And how I can decimate that what lives below
Those in awe and fear of my massive power
Scurry back to their caves in fear
With adrenalin pushing them along the way
I am the power and the passion of the skies
I am beauty dressed up in apocalyptic robes
I am the lightening that demands respect
I am the battle that nature conjures up
I am a thousand armies charging up the hill
I am a marauding maniac with no home
I can level trees and move boulders
I am the messenger of raw passion
I move ahead with nothing to stop me
I come from our gentle God’s other side
I come to rescue barren fields from their death
I am a merciful pillager with tearful eyes
I am a sacred beast sent from heaven aloft
My deafening voice is controlled by the Almighty
My home is supported by hallowed walls
I look fearsome even though I’m merciful
I am nature and the
The way she has to be  
I am the lightening

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