Melodic Images

A story of tears and dust,
of assorted images and sound,
of climbers and melodious sunsets,
of preludes to the western skies,
of muses for the poetic eyes,
of vestal angels in their singing,
a story in verse
without any words,
of colors laughing and crying,
of shapes floating in the abyss,
of a mysterious beauty portrayed
by a stroke of sound,
a melody to supply the words
in a language to
soften all languages,
a penetration of the iron walls,
a bending of the girders,
a romance of words,
a paradise for dreamers,
of the rains rising to the clouds,
of the abstract in command,
of giants holding up the heavens,
of melodies touching the firmament,
of harmonies lifting them aloft,
connecting the earth and sky,
troubadours drifting with the winds
with their feet lighter than air,
their tongues sprinkled
with angel dust,
their words in lyrical verse,
accentuated by tears and joy,
music and sadness,
beauty and sorrow,
compassion and devotion,
melodic images running
through the rivers of heaven,
the music of the celestial highs,
a portrait of sound and beauty.

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