Melodic Pens

Music with its melodic scalpels,
slices its way through the intellect
on its way to the ear of the heart
on a journey of good intentions;
that instills spontaneous feelings
that words can’t do;
as words only sit and wait for
the mind to catch up to
their speed and still fall
short of giving the feeling
to the outstretched hands
of the heart.
Music is still a separate island
away from the loneliness
of words that bridges the
gap between their two worlds.
Melodic pens write
wordless stories
that reach into the soul
with their silky fingers.
They manipulate the mind
to lose interest in the story
and ride along with the flow,
it’s passion that leads
to the abolition of the intellect,
the enchanting world of music,
the meaning of the story
without the words to tell it,
but only the sound to express it.

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