The Degrees of Sin

It was 2:45 A.M. when the bartender said, “It’s closing time; time to order your last drink.”  The drunken preacher’s head was resting on the bar trying to forget his painful past.  He had been expelled from the church for preaching about the different degrees of sin.  Instead of upholding the common belief that a hint of sin is evil and punishable, he preached about the ways of nature.
He who dreams of coveting his neighbor’s wife is in step with nature’s calling, but he who abstains from it gives way to the spirit’s calling.  He who has sin is in step with the profane drama of the day.  He who is in step with the intensity of that drama lives in the hell of it.
When the hell of it flashes its erotic beauty at you, it’s up to you and your discernment to abstain from it.  If you don’t give in to its satanic pleasures, you’re to be commended for it.  If you let a taste of it enter your being, you will be able to feel its influence on you.
Your awareness of sin gives you the intelligence to know what discernment does for you.  If you have right and wrong firmly entrenched in your being, you have the power to use it at will.  If you don’t have enough sin in your body to recognize it, you will let its influence overcome you.  It is within that self awareness that determines what amount of sin that you need to conquer the evil inside of you.
He who judges you for your sin that you have, intensifies the sin within himself for the exploitation of others.  He whose soul rests with the peace of God has enduring love that is not judgmental; therefore, he gives way to divine judgment.  It gives him wings to rise above the condemnation of sin.
As the preacher staggered home that night, he thought about the misconception of sin; how only a taste of its influence has become equal to its total domination,  according to how religion views it.

From my book entitled, "A Sage's Diary."

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