Melodic Winds

Whir-r-r-r-r-r through the forest glade
like the eerie howling of the wolves of Balladry
symphonic winds dressed up in red and black
seen through the eyes of the ears
of the enchanted beholder
the romance of the winds of the netherworld
split into pieces and singing through the branches
dirges to the dying greenery turned to brown
that lies on the caskets in the forest crypts
beautiful sadness and quixotic pondering
poetic reflections of the days of yore
vibrant green, singing gardens, life of life
raped by the warriors of the cruel seasons
knighted by the imperial beasts of the arctic
orchestral tears falling to the forest floors
the final breath of the flourishing gardens
winter’s lament, an echoing theme throughout
from the crying of a flute unclad and lonely
or a sheep wandering and lost from the herd
a trembling melody unsupported by harmonic hands
a sadness blowing through the cold cold forest
a fanfare for the assembly of the arctic consul
of the coming of the killers of the greens
a beautiful beast with snowy teeth
that break off into feathery white flakes
that dances with the wind
and hushes all sound and anxiety,
that just floats and sings in silence
a song of the melodic winds.

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