Melody In The Raw

Nature binging, fires laughing,
Volcanoes playing, thunder running,
Skies climbing, oceans swelling,
Melodies alone in the still of the night,
Melting rhetoric with the heat of sound,
Searching for land yet on the move,
Wandering through deserts and forests,
Resting in the heat of bustling mazes,
Lost in space and found in beauty,
Dressed up in diamond studded gowns,
Sitting in bethel palaces in the clouds,
Playing with the wind and the hungry tempest,
Riding on the wings of passion,
Sending the rain back to the angry skies,
Charging with a herd of buffaloes,
Dancing with the devil and lying with his wives,
Massaging evil with silky smooth fingers,
Painting anger with gentle velvet brushes,
Playing sacred hymns on inferno keyboards,
Never arriving on solid ground,
But finding beauty floating through space,
Reaching out to it as it drifts by,
Letting it seep through every pore in the body,
Letting it appeal to the wildness in the eyes,
Letting it carry you to open spaces,
Setting you down upon shifting sands,
Sending you out to dissonant pastures,
Music that goes by a different name,
A silent rebellion, a peaceful revolution,
A resolution in the abstract,
A melody that sings to the spirit,
A melody that wanders through space and time,
A melody that never sits down and rests,
A naked melody that runs with passion,
That sheds all its frills and boundaries,
That is called a melody in the raw.
Please come to me, thou sweetest melody.

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