They hang in the skies, gathering up their armies and arsenals from tropical masses and oceans of charity.  Their thunderous clapping that announces the arrival of tempestuous fury are deafening to the ears.  They spit luminous bolts from their sneering mouths and level everything it hits on earth.  Their ugly black bodies loom above the parched gardens that scream and pray for mercy.
As the dust swirls over the once rich fertile soil that gave birth to hearty crops, the moaning of desperation could be heard through the fields.  Mother Nature was chanting a dirge from her assortment of hymns.  She is a kind lady who deserves a better life that that.  Her tables are set for a sumptuous meal with nothing to serve on the platter.
That ugly black monster in the skies can hear her plea through its gentle side.  Its ears that look like the Devil’s, but of angel’s compassion, harkens to her cries.  With all the tears it could muster, it sends them streaming down to the parched gardens on a mission of mercy.
That horrifying thing in the skies has a kind heart.  Ugliness does have a beauty inside.  If you meditate and pray for it to appear, it will grant your prayers.  Have patience.  Have faith.  Mother Nature will fulfill her promises and not deceive you.  God has a plan for her.  She will come through in crucial moments in due time.  She has survived for an eternity.
She is our mother, our teacher, and our everlasting home.

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Robert L. Martin
over 2 years

She sure does

Nelson D Reyes
over 2 years

That’s what she does - sustained and protected us from her core inside and continue to do outside until forever.

Like. Thanks Robert.

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