Money, once it goes out
To places unknown,
Sometimes will never come back.
It leaves one account
And ends up in another.
It stays hidden away from
The eyes of the investor,
No longer in his keeping.
If appropriated with the welfare
Of the investor in mind,
It will most rightly come back;
But through the welfare
Of the appropriator,
It will remain hidden
And untraceable.
If it became untraceable
And hopefully forgotten about,
Morality would be
The only incentive
To release it to the
Rightful owner.

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Robert L. Martin
plus de 2 ans

I hope so also. Sometimes it comes back to the rightful owner and sometimes it doesn't. One sure has to be intelligent these days not to get stung. I've been stung before.

Nelson D Reyes
plus de 2 ans

You find money every where, behind most human endeavors. Now fake money bitcoin is in the game. You can almost say money is the root of all schemes.

I hope morality prevails all the time, returning the money to the rightful owner.

Like. Thanks Robert.


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