My Dearest Linda

As I think of you on this Valentine’s Day,
I see you and the other angels at play.
I see me in your sights through starry eyes,
the me in need of you to answer all the whys.
Why do I need love when I have all my needs?
Why does man need woman to plant the seeds?
Why does he need woman for love to blossom
like unkempt gardens that grow awry ad libitum?
As one half of me pushes me blindly thru life,
my other half begs me to end the lonely strife,
to find a love to soften the callous macho spirit,
the broken spirit that needs a love to fix it.
Needs fulfilled are the sum of all the parts,
the mended spirit to find where love starts,
the tender care to nurse it along the way,
and romantic thoughts for the feeling to stay.
I see in the heavens you amongst all the angels,
my wishes for you alone as the feeling swells,
the primal urge that wants it to expand throughout,
to run along my spine and to the heavens shout,
I found love as the spirit of affinity found its way
through my callous heart on this Valentine’s Day.
My dear sweet Linda, the healer of my soul,
you have made my half self become whole.
I love you with all my convalescent heart.
Love Always,

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