Old-fashioned Family

On the way home from work, father was still seething from the pressure at the office.  He got into a heated argument with one of his co-workers and it was near the end of the month when the statements were to be handed in.  He had a lot of catching up to do, and not enough time to do it.  He was still cursing out his boss and that co-worker while he was alone in the car.  He couldn’t wait to get home to see his family.
When he walked in the door, his wife gave him a big kiss, and two of his three children climbed all over him.  His thirteen year old daughter, Linda, thought she was too old for that sort of thing.  The living room was immaculate with all the toys put away and the floors that were clean.  “Daddy, daddy, we love our daddy.”  He gave them a big hug then sat down on the sofa.  Even though the pressure at the office was unbearable, he relaxed when his wife massaged his shoulders with her sympathetic fingers, and the stories he read to the children helped, also.  
When they sat down at the dinner table, they all prayed then started to eat. After the first bite he took, he said, “Mm-m-m. This is delicious.  You children are so lucky that you have such a kind, wonderful mother.  Not only is she a good cook, but a good listener and a hard worker.”  Then his wife asked him, “How was your day at the office?”
Then he replied, “If it’s O.K. with you, we can talk about it later.”   “Why don’t you ask me, mother dear, how my day was?  You don’t give a damn about my day.” said Linda in a sarcastic voice.  Her dad was livid.  He jumped up from the table and started shouting at her.  “Don’t you ever talk to your mother like that again, young lady.  Of course she cares about you.  She works hard to teach you kids to respect the elders.  Tell her you are sorry, and don’t you ever disrespect her again. Do you understand?”  Linda start crying, then said she was sorry.  She really meant it.
After dinner, the whole family was singing, “I’ve Been Working in the Kitchen,” to the tune of, “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad,” as they washed the dishes.  After the argument with Linda, all was forgiven.  Afterwards, they all played games together until they all grew tired and got ready for bed.  He tucked the children in and kissed them good night, then returned to their own bedroom.  After he told his wife about his day at work, she listened to every word he said and offered some good advice in her usual sympathetic way.  They were truly in love with each other as if they were married only a few days ago.  They slept in each others’ arms until morning came, and then it was time to get up and start the day all over again.
Family unity is the righteous thing to strive for.  Though not easy to attain, it is that thing that must be prudently applied to hold it together.  After it is accomplished, the work starts all over again to keep it that way.  Good morals have to be passed down through generations to preserve the structure of a good family.  Love must be the key element. Even though outside influences of today may affect the integrity, they must work to stay away from those influences and treasure what has been handed down to them.  Each member of the family has to respect the elders for what they do and keep working to preserve those morals.  Family unity depends on that.  The old-fashioned family who started the tradition, started it in a righteous manner.

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