The Disappearance

Yesterday’s world of sunlit hills
disappeared behind the rolling fog
that crept across the land,
laying a heavy blanket o’er
the face of the shimmering earth.
The smoking waters of the skies
hang in the mysterious air,
home of the sagging oceans,
the stubborn clouds staying put,
the lower mist kissing the tulips,
the sweat of the meadow nymphs
soaking up the grasses
mixing with the tears of the angels,
the breath of the forest giants
holding steady in the morn,
the feet of the water God’s
dangling from the hidden piers
suspended twenty seven inches
off the ground,
the rays of the sun,
children of a solar tribunal,
hiding behind an ebon mask,
horrified of the world outside
and its total domination,
take leave of their duties,
waiting for tomorrow
to come out and shine
into the gardens of Mother Earth
the same as they did yesterday,
or maybe not, maybe
disappeared forever.

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