Parachute my God, my father,
my air, my nylon rock, my vault,
my owner, my slaver,
my life secured, my trusted one,
into thy hands I surrender,
beautiful falling, beautiful danger,
ride of thrills, alien world in view,
my feet swinging with the wind,
body chemistry awry, challenging
gravity, defying gravity,
my outside growing inside,
torso churning, pounding blood,
earth swelling, getting closer,
parachute coming into bloom,
light as a feather such as me,
magic in the air,
eternal floating, drifting,
air resistance in my favor,
sky born sorcerers at work,
gas molecules drifting by, waving,
playing with the wind,
easy earth growing soft,
winding rivers exposed with
slithering snakes encircling
mountains of velvet peaks,
lakes of blue emeralds glistening,
valleys on the same plain,
roads penciled in,
earth of exotic faces,
scenic quilted farm fields,
eagles down below,
soft dotted trees, soft trees,
trees in their natural hardness,
stony mountain tops up high,
perfume gardens in my nostrils,
planet earth touching my feet,
my earth, my land, my home,
my parachute, my savior, my deliverer.

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