Passion Unattended
An open invitation, come and run with rage
Smell the pain and the smoldering debris
Throw yourself in the middle of brawling fists
Bleed with all who ride with fired up passions
Life is a seduction of thrilling moments to feel
When adrenalin surfaces like an angry volcano
Battle cries at their peak when danger nears
A paradise too sweet to run away from
Like beasts in the wild we think with our loins
We talk with our smiles and long for that rage
Reasoning stops when passion overcomes
Passion, that ride upon the roller coaster
Boredom and emptiness
A soul unfulfilled
Looking for something to feel
When we can feel,
We start to live again
With no God to control that feeling
We are ships sailing with no rudders
We sail on the seas where passion leads
Steaming ahead into pleasure’s delight
We need a feeling like we need life
A life with God gives us a feeling
As it moves in with the power of love
That thrilling feeling that
Overpowers all the rage and hatred
That glorious place where we want to be
Where passion is safe within us

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