Our private sanctuary lies deep within the soul
Where divinity has complete control.
Resting with the tranquil days and nights,
Among the lows and subsequent heights,
With the eyes of its heart shedding sacred tears,
They weep for the battles fought thru’ the years.
Our eternal home sits in the windless wind,
Like the laws of the planets in their discipline.
As the outer tempest swirls, it stays outside,
Knocking at the iron walls into eventide.
Peace is a fortress built of granite and love,
A heavenly home like the home above;
The home of the Holy Spirit within us.

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Robert L. Martin
más de 2 años

Thank you Charlotte. It sure is nice to hear from you again. Peace does come from within us, under the influence of the Holy Spirit.

Charlotte B. Williams
más de 2 años

I totally agree, nothing like peace. peace definately comes from God above. John 14; 26 + 27.

Robert L. Martin
más de 2 años

Thanx Nelson.

Nelson D Reyes
más de 2 años

Absolutely divine! The Holy Spirit dwells within us all beings of the planet Earth eternally radiant, divine in our outer refuge, the Cosmos, as well.

From the cross:
“Today you will be with me in paradise...”

Fave and love this one. May the Holy Spirit be with you always Robert.

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