Asleep in the lap of the norm,
the mother of the placid earth,
poets listening to her lullabies
of soothing warmth,
the numbing of the mind,
words stuffed inside
with no mind or feet,
poetry with no wings or tears,
music with no color or flavor,
the norm hammered in the soul,
passion covered in cement,
stories covered in chocolate,
poets afraid to wander outside,
afraid of the wilderness,
the jungles of the mysterious earth,
poets asleep in the lap of the norm
with a mind that
belongs to the norm,
the rising of the rebels
running through the wilds
with fire in their loins,
the mad men in the
eyes of the critics,
the ones with minds of their own,
the fearless trail blazers
building bridges to the future,
the pioneers of evolution
with a dream locked up
in their minds
and the will to keep it alive,
an ode to poets and
their determination,
an idea to the
rebels of the norm.

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Robert L. Martin
Environ 2 mois

Thanx Nelson

Nelson D Reyes
Environ 2 mois


Like. Thanks Robert.

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