Soozy Poo Adrenalin

Little baby sweetie pie oodie poo poo
Don’t touch, don’t talk, don’t boo.
A big, big baby of twenty two and some,
Little Suzy Hun, run run home to mum.
Little baby fall apart and cry, cry, cry,
Little smiley angel, sweet lullaby.
Oh, what awful things little boys say
With dirty mouths and games they play.
Little Suzie Poo and shrinking violets,
Running from incoming silhouettes,
Hiding under big, big mommy’s skirts,
Don’t look outside and see what lurks.
Evil’s all around and coming to get you,
Poor little Baby Poo Poo, little Suzie Poo.
Don’t mess with Suzie Poo Adrenalin.
When push comes to shove, a human javelin,
Swinging her mighty fists, her karate kicks,
Hurling stones, rocks, grenades, and bricks,
Cursing, charging, trampling, and spitting,
An all out war and what’s befitting.
Little Suzy Poo Poo, big Suzy behemoth,
Wolves beware, Suzy’s comin’ thru’ the rough.
A gritted warrior of the fiercest tribe,
You’d want Suzy on your side.
A powder keg about to explode,
A damn dam to blow and overflow,
A little snarling baby with poison fangs,
Dressed in black with barbed wire bangs.
If you knew Suzy like I know Suzy,
Better stay home and hide.
“Obey the law, little man, and let Suzy hit you.
If you hit her back, you will be incarcerated,
You violent man, you.
Little Suzy Poo is a delicate little lady.
Let her stab you, maim you, and kill you.
After all, the law is the law.”

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