Spirit Denied

The man who lives next door is kind and charitable.  If there is anything that I need or work that I can’t do myself, he is right there to help me.  He told me it makes him feel good inside when he does something for somebody.  One day I asked him if he believed in God and he said no.  Then I asked him why.  He said if he can’t see him, why should he believe in him?  
The Holy Spirit lives inside of us where it can’t be seen.  The evidence that it does exist in him is the feeling that he gets when he does a charitable deed.  He can’t deny it, because it is there no matter what.  That feeling is derived from the quotation in the Bible, “Love thy neighbor as you do yourself.”  He does love his neighbor as himself without knowing why.  If there was nothing inside of him, he wouldn’t.  His love can’t flow from a source that isn’t there.  Since God is that source, and through that source, he feels the way God made him feel and wants him to, even though he denies it.
The man is more religious than many who worship every Sunday, but still have nothing inside to account for it.  They want everybody to do for them without ever wanting to give to them.  Some are selfish without a conscience; those most hypocritical.  If they do have a conscience, they could be on the road to salvation.  If they try, they can succeed.  If they don’t try, they will just remain to be miserable.
The man next door is how God wants people to feel inside.  If charity derived from an irreligious source, then love would have nothing to do with it.  Since God is the source of love, he is still there working inside whether or not he is recognized for doing it.  His unconditional love wills him to.  Thank God for creating the man next door.  Thank God for working through him.

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