Comprehension contented,
Technology unsatisfied,
Invention imminent,
Invention accomplished,
Technology satisfied,
Gaining ground,
And moving into a tie,
Technology growing
Dissatisfied and restless,
Technology surging ahead,
Merging with electronics,
Becoming technotronics,
Racing against each other,
Becoming more complex,
Relating to the complex mind,
Creating a huge gap
Between the comprehensible
And the ordinary man,
Declaring itself the winner,
Too complex
To be understood
And utilized.

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Robert L. Martin
presque 2 ans

I guess technology will always win the race, at least it will with me.

Nelson D Reyes
presque 2 ans

“Comprelectebots”. Comprehensible electronic technology robots. The coming together of artificial intelligence. Or something like that.

There are noises from space the scientists are deciphering, the space is now a no-man’s land -tech debris dump site not unlike plastic in the oceans, an arms race new frontier if not already, etc. This is probably why aliens are sending signals to earth to quit polluting the space, not make it a no alien’s land. :-))

Thanks Robert. Like.

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Nelson D Reyes

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