That Silver Sun

That Silver Sun
Lo behold, up high when day is done
I can look deep into the heart of the sun
The blazing fire that came from its mouth
Must be a smoldering amber traveling south
I can see for my eyes can stay affixed
At all the beauty and shapes and colors mixed
I can see it hanging in the sky with no arms
Like a dancer with no feet yet all her charms
  Sometimes she goes astray like a lost sheep
Freed from the last breath down to the deep
Her mysterious descent leaves me bewildered
A man without a mind as she so rendered
Sometimes she loses her shape growing thin
From a robust queen to a pauper to begin
Then she hides away like a frightened swan
But then she reappears as if never gone
She is that silver sun, that blessed moon
That beacon in the sky, while poets swoon
Looking out for ships traveling here and there
That silver sun, that quiet lady so fair
That romantic story with no end

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