Zakazakarak went to back to the track
Back to the rack at the fat black shack
Mack and Jack fell through the crack
Woopsy do in the morning night
Off to the black pink cloud away
Shaybayray went after him today
Changing shirts along the way
An all out speeding and a big full reading
As Clyde showed his dentures to the man
And damn Sam ran to the grand man
His rat-a-tat-tat in the big blue band
Flinging his way through the purple maze
His chest in flames and feet on high
A big stormy ride up to the Humpflumpgump
A bump and a jump landing on the rump
Goes Sally as she stunk up the funky dump
Comes Zakazakarak eating a funky skunk
Off to the races goes Jack and Jil
Jumping over deserts and hills and cars
And Lars stopping at all the bars
‘Tis a grand cay at the purple carnival
Where Zakazakarak won a mighty kewpie doll
And the bang gang sang to the hall wall stall
Woopty do, twittle dee dee, a song to remember
As the days came down to the end of September
Yea Zakazakarak, didn’t know you had it in ya
You big man about town
Up to the high lands to get your crown
Swirling round and round
A clown and a hound
To the highest mound bound

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