The Abode

The home of beauty,
hidden inside an old worn out house
with chipped paint
and broken windows,
called to me with a voice
of clarity and assurance,
to gaze upon her with
my loving artistic eyes
that she saw in me, a stranger,
hidden behind the mist from far away.
She summoned me to her
dilapidated dwelling
with her hypnotic callings.
The porch creaked
under my careful feet.
Then the door swung open
and a strange wind
pushed me inside.
I saw golden walls and silver floors,
her midnight ceiling
sprinkled with effervescent stars,
her melodic skies supported by
harmonic thrusts and calming beams.
I saw passion, fire, and cathartic tears.
I saw vibrating sunsets
and the oceans in her eyes,
the mystery of the deep within
with the waters opening up
to show where true beauty lives,
her palace inside
the old broken down house.
She taught me to look for
beauty in everything
and everyone I see.

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