The Author of Love

Cupid at his heavenly desk,
His romantic plan on his drawing board
With his bow and arrow at his fingertips,
His heart filled mind in waiting,
Looks for you among a large crowd
And looks for someone else there also.
He places both of you in each other’s sight.
It is that affinitive moment that introduces
The intoxication of life to the both of you.
It is that spark that ignites the flame
That illumes the inner domain of the heart.
It forces you to move toward each other.
It renders you helpless to the power of love.
It opens up the heart of life
And shows you love’s dominion
And the submissive feeling that it gives you.
It moves you up to the glory of love
As it prepares you for love’s crowning,
And makes you worthy to
Follow love’s sacred course.

As featured in "The Belt and Beyond" magazine

Preferido o celebrado por...
Nelson D Reyes
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