The Bravora Touch

“Bravo!!  Bravo!! Bravo!!” could be heard echoing from the rafters at the sold out concert hall.  The performance would go down in history as one of the finest ever.  The ghosts of yesteryear from their pictures lining up the hallways turned to listen to the music.  Miles, Oscar, Dizzy, Coltrane, and Bill Evans were cheering him on from their envious ears but applausive hands.
After his performance, the media surrounded him with a multitude of questions; one of them being, “What were you thinking about in your music when you were improvising?”
He turned his tearful contented face toward them and said,” Scales were only stories and colors.  They weren’t something to take me to the summit, but the summit was already inside of me waiting to be glorified.  The E flat scale was the chanting of the Incas honoring the Sun Gods, and the F minor ninth chord was the rainbow that the Gods left behind after the storm.  
Music isn’t a painful execution of applied learning, but a musical response to the jubilation of the soul.  It isn’t restrained by doubt, but care-free in its certitude.”
After the media finally left him to be alone with his thoughts, he searched his soul and came up with this one conclusive thought.  “My mission was fulfilled tonight.  The love that was inside of me spilled out and flooded the auditorium as it  
touched everyone there.”  Thanks be to God and the power of music.

Featured in "Jerry Jazz Musician," online publishing

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