The Condensation

As man rises above his familiar abode,
Like an eagle flying to heights beyond.
And the earth grows smaller than a field,
And oceans become a pond in the midst,
A sight of disbelief, of romantic dreams,
Of mountain peaks softening
Before the poetic eyes of the beholder,
The self appointed Earth God
Above his subjects,
The sons and daughters of life,
Authorizing their every move,
Praising them when they
Obey his command,
Finding the boundaries
Of the forests,
Watching the raging rivers
Wrap around the mountains
Like a hungry boa and its prey,
Finding the point of origination
And the waters they run to,
Far and above the perilous rocks
That spell danger to the navigator,
As if distress was an insipid dream,
And life broke free high above the life,
The watering down of the anxiety,
The rising above the pain,
A soothing remedy for the
Apprehension of danger,
Flying higher than an eagle
Until the earth becomes a child,
And the Earth God
Becomes its authoritarian.

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