When the Devil’s fire gets too hot,
And the seed is scattered
O’er hill and dale,
And the kindled skin becomes ablaze,
And the blood overruns its banks,
And the charm shows its ugly face,
And pleasure is an old familiar sensation,
While the new becomes the old,
And the old becomes the undesired,
And the undesired slowly loses its appeal,
And the lusting is confined to
One divine affinitive moment
In defiance of the Devil’s command,
While divinity begins to take hold
And make the lusting less appealing,
Eradicating all desires for perversion
And the application of perversion,
It is the right time to exit
That way of life.
“Thank God for that feeling again
As the lusting lost its influence over me,
When it was reserved for
Only divine moments
With only one lover to share it with,
When no one else appealed to me,
As it put me on the right track
And restored in me a pure heart again.”
So sayeth the man who
Came back from hell.

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Nelson D Reyes
over 1 year

Very well said. One can actually be very productive and happy withdrawing from the lustful calls of sex. Wonder if there is a research done on this.

Like Thanks Robert

Charlotte B. Williams
over 1 year


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