The Flood
Sometimes good, sometimes bad
Sometimes heavenly, sometimes evil
Sometimes needful, sometimes superfluous
Sometimes helpful, sometimes ineffectual
Sometimes Mother Nature
Hears the pleas below
And sends just enough rain
To rescue the crops
Sometimes she conjures up
More than needed
As she floods the dusty soil
And murders their yield
Sometimes when the soul lacks inspiration
She floods it full of beauty and knowledge
Sometimes when the soul is desperate
She floods it full of gold and hope
Perfection belongs to God and only God
Who allowed hot and cold air to
Come together even if it does
In a fortuitous manner
It takes that union to produce the rain
Since weather was an act of God
With his will to create and preserve life
And after it is no longer in his control
It does what it does
But since life is still
Abundant on our planet
It did what it had to do

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