The Hammering

The hammering gets too loud for us Americans and the onslaught of superfluous advertising hurts the ears. It overpowers all other similar events that need publicity. It drives us to seek a quiet nook that nobody knows, like sitting by a river in the most remote jungle along the Nile River where only the flamingos and we can enjoy the quiet that surrounds us. We have now finally found a spot to do our own thinking.
Back here at home, a onetime announcement of an up and coming event is all we need. We aren’t idiots that need the constant pounding in our lais-sez faire minds to remind us over and over about an event. Please respect our freedom and quit hammering into us what we don’t need. We want to choose from a variety of events to decide what we want to attend. We should be able to know enough about it to decide what is best, but we can’t, because of all the hype that demanded our attention and overpowered all other similar events that we could have attended.
By the time that forthcoming event avails itself to me, I am so sick and tired of hearing about it, I want to stay as far away from it as I can get. Big money that bought a superfluous amount of air time for advertising, didn’t persuade me to see more of it. By that time, I saw enough of it. I’m totally fed up. I don’t want to be reminded any more. Enough is enough. Leave me alone.

As idiots speak to fellow idiots:
“Hear ye, hear ye, Americans.
Do not!! Go to any other event.
Come to ours instead.
You are too stupid to know
What is best for you.”

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