The Transport

The architect of sound
With his soft, soothing, rapid hands,
Reaching out into the mystic air,
Transporting music on a sacred journey,
A pilgrimage to a sacred pleasure palace,
Unifying desire and fulfillment,
Building bridges spanning worldly ground,
To reach celestial banks
Along hallowed rivers,
Flowing in tears of compassion and bliss,
Touching, caressing, lifting, moving,
On a voyage to exotic lands,
Into forests of dreams and the extraordinary,
The magic of sound into melodic space,
The sweetening of the ambiance,
The baptism of the earthly spirit,
The preparation of the Eucharist,
Abridging time into a fleeting moment,
A look into the realm of timelessness,
Of an instant stimulation of the senses,
Energizing the nerves throughout,
Reaching into the heart
With silky fingers,
Haunting melodies, succulent harmonies,
Driving cadences, and such sweet thunder,
And an invitation to the dance,
From the hands of the architect,
The Almighty one who
Followed through with a plan.

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